In English, German and Spanish*

I have been translating for almost 20 years and I focus on the social, political and health sciences. This includes fields such as public health, epidemiology, government, social movements, NGOs and human rights. Although I specialise in English, German and Spanish, I work with people from all over the world, and together we can provide high-quality translations in all major languages.


One of the last stages of publication

Proofreading is an essential service that all writers need. Proofreading is undertaken in the final stages of publication and, as such, the changes that can be made to a text at this stage are limited. This work normally involves checking aspects such as whether images and graphs are in the correct place and whether the headings used really make sense. If you need a more thorough review of your text, editing may be more appropriate. Proofreading is also an important stage of translating, as it involves checking a translation properly reflects the meaning of the original text.


Preparing a manuscript for publication

Editing often involves extensive changes being made to a text. This service is also particularly useful to authors writing in a second language.
Typical tasks for editors include:

  • Correcting errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation (proofreading) but also style and usage.
  • Ensuring that correct terminology has been used.
  • Checking the suitability of a text for its intended audience, the length of the work, the inclusion of title pages, content pages, illustrations and references.
  • Examining the text’s content and structure.
  • Reviewing the length of sentences and paragraphs.
  • Ensuring consistency and that a text adheres to a particular academic journal’s or publisher’s house style.
  • Making sure that any data used in the text from figures, graphs, tables and quotations are used correctly.
  • Legal issues such as copyright.

Opening up films to a wider audience

Streaming services have vastly increased the popularity of subtitles. In the past, many viewers were content with dubbing, but many people now realise how much of acting gets "lost in translation". Subtitles are an easy method of broadening access to a film, while preserving the nuances of the original - something that can not be said for dubbing or lectoring (in which a single narrator describes the actions taking place and speaks over the original).
I provide concise, properly set subtitles that conveying the full meaning of a dialogue without distracting from the original.

Who you'll be working with

I’ve been translating for almost 20 years and specialise in the social, political and health sciences. I have bachelor’s degrees in social sciences and politics and a master’s in research methods (my dissertation was a Foucauldian analysis of the demolition of the Palace of the Republic in Berlin). I am a supporter of various professional organisations including the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and the Social Policy Association, as well as a qualified member of the Institute for Translators and Interpreters with ISO 17100:2015 qualified status. I also provide certified translations for British government departments.
Since 2014, when I started counting, I have translated, proofread or edited more than 5 million words. Most of this work has been conducted for university departments, foundations and NGOs on books, reports, dissertations and journal articles.
I’d be very happy to help you with your latest project.
You’ll find a small selection of some of my work below.

A selection of my work

The texts documented below represent a small selection of the work I have undertaken over the last few years. Many texts that I have worked on, such as conference papers, speeches or internal documents, were never intended for publication; some were confidential. I only include texts here if I have been named as in the publication or have permission to do so from the author/publisher.

What my clients say

Full references available on request.

  • Professor at HSU, Hamburg.

    "Your editing work was excellent."

  • Staff member, Robert Koch Institute, Berlin.

    "Vielen Dank für die tolle Zusammenarbeit in diesem Jahr."

  • Staff member, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin.

    "Haben Sie ganz herzlichen Dank für die tolle Übersetzung!"

  • Staff member, Körber-Stiftung, Berlin.

    "Vielen Dank für die pünktliche und gründliche Durchsicht unserer Texte."

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